Information Security 101

BY Sagicor Life Posted July 25, 2017 In Sagicor Life USA Tips

Technology is not the perfect answer to security problems. No piece of information security technology is totally secure. There is always a way around it, even fingerprint scanners and facial recognition software. So what can we do to keep our information as safe as possible?

We need to be responsible. Security awareness and implementation is a non-technical, human process. Changing our habits can make us security assets instead of liabilities.

5 Bad Security Habits to Break

  1. Reusing passwords on multiple sites
    If they’ve cracked one password, they’ll have them all.
  2. Sharing too much personal information on social media
    Hackers can build a profile to make it easier to get your password, and your ID can be stolen.
  3. Clicking first, thinking later
    Malware is everywhere. Be cautious about what you download on your devices.
  4. Using unsecured public WiFi
    This makes it too easy for cybercriminals to get at your information.
  5. Thinking you are not technical enough to be security aware
    Information security is more like avoiding potholes than jumping hurdles. Just watch where you step.