Life Insurance Awareness Month – Part 3: Real Life Stories

BY Sagicor Life Posted September 22, 2017 In Life Insurance Awareness Month
It's something every family should have. Hear Maria Lopez's Real Life Story.

Sagicor Life Insurance Company is proud to support Life Happens, the nonprofit organization that started Life Insurance Awareness Month. Life Happens’s mission is purely about educating people on the importance of life insurance—they do not endorse any insurance company or promote specific products. One of their most impactful efforts is the annual Life Lessons Scholarship program, which helps students that are struggling after the loss of an uninsured parent.

Another way that they try to educate the public is through their Real Life Stories series. These stories are powerful, heartfelt testimonials from individuals and families who have suffered the loss of a spouse or parent. They attest to the struggles of not having life insurance, or what having life insurance has meant to them, after the tragedy.

What makes Real Life Stories so compelling is that they are, well, real true stories. Anyone can relate to the deep pain that is felt with a loss a family member. And, while all stories involve a loss of a loved one who is also usually the family’s primary source of income, the second part of these stories are drastically different between those families without life insurance and those with life insurance.

If these stories have made you more curious about where to start with getting life insurance, we suggest using Life Happens’s Find Coverage resource. You may also feel free to contact Sagicor with any questions or concerns you might have.

Thank you for listening to their stories, and we hope you’ll join us again next week for Part 4: Do You Value Your Car More Than Your Life?

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