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BY Sagicor Life Posted July 17, 2019 In Sagicor Life USA Tips

Why do we do what we do?

Children, especially small children, are forever asking why. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to eat my vegetables? Why do you get to stay up when I have to go to bed? Young inquisitive minds trying to learn and grow or kids who don’t want to do something and are looking for a way out… either way, the question, invariably, is why.

Side Note: Growing up in my house meant that the answer to the question ‘why?’ was more often than not ‘because I said so’ or ‘just do what I say.’ Not a very satisfying answer but surprisingly effective."

Our need to know why is central to who we are. Actors often talk about their motivation behind the way a character behaves, and motive is a huge factor in how we act in our everyday lives. Why we do what we do is just as important as what we are doing.

Sagicor’s what is easy. It’s right on our website, summed up in our Corporate Vision: To be a great company committed to improving the lives of the people in the communities in which we operate.

Most companies make a similar promise; they are going to help people, make the world a better place, improve our lives and make them easier, supply us with happiness and meaning… so what makes Sagicor’s promise different? How can we actually improve the lives of the people in our communities?

Sagicor is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers at an exceptional value. How does insurance make our lives better? Insurance, by its very nature, is not something you use when everything is great. In most cases, you hope you never have to use it. Car insurance is there for accidents; you need health insurance when someone is sick or injured; homeowners insurance comes in handy when there’s been a robbery or fire — you get the idea. We get insurance to keep a bad situation from becoming a nightmare.

Why provide life insurance?

Because it can be the difference between losing someone you love and losing everything.

Case in point: I was coaching grade school basketball at a weekend tournament and another coach told me that he “didn’t feel good.” He was a teacher and coach at a small school and a good friend of mine. A few days later, I found out he passed away; a healthy, happy, active man, who happened to have a faulty heart valve. He was a middle-aged, middle school teacher who did not have life insurance, and now his family is struggling to make ends meet. If I had talked to him about the importance of life insurance, his wife would not be wondering how to pay the mortgage or put the kids through college."

Ensuring that others don’t have to go through what my friend’s family went through… protecting our family, friends and neighbors — that is our why.

Sagicor also takes great pride in our corporate responsibility program. We believe in helping worthy causes, to which we donate our time and our sweat. We host a variety of food, clothing and back-to-school drives to try to make an immediate impact in our communities.

Why? There’s that question again. We do it because it’s innate. It’s instilled and second nature to us. Community involvement has been the foundation of our company for over 65 years. It has been a core principal of our parent company for over 179 years. We believe in being a good corporate citizen and helping our families, friends and neighbors — that’s not going to change. We also believe in the importance of our life insurance and annuity products and the difference that they can make when the unexpected happens.

That’s our why.

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