A Different Kind of Resolution

BY Sagicor Life Posted January 07, 2020 In Sagicor Life USA Tips

We’ve turned the leaf and closed the book on another year — and another decade! And, you know what that means … with the New Year comes, New Year’s resolutions!

A recent survey was conducted to determine what the most popular New Year’s resolutions were across the United States in 2019, and what the average length of time was for people to keep their resolutions. Eager to see if your goals line up with the rest of the nation? Let’s find out!

The top five resolutions were: 

1. Exercise to get in shape
2. Diet to lose weight
3. Save money
4. Eat healthier in general
5. Do something for self-care

While these are all admirable goals, unfortunately, on average, only 11.4% of people permanently kept up with their resolutions, with 36.6% falling off after a month or less. We encourage you to be a part of the 11%! Track your progress, reward yourself for accomplishments, and don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon. Above all, keep trying!

Add This Resolution to Your List
Of all the different resolutions we’ve heard over the years, there’s something quite important that fails to be mentioned … ”get a life insurance policy.” 

Life is anything but predictable. Accidents happen, and things can change in an instant. Getting life insurance provides peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are financially secure should the unexpected happen. You don’t get life insurance because you will pass away; you should get it because your loved ones will live on.

Add “getting life insurance” to your top five New Year’s resolution list so that you can protect the ones that matter most.

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Source: https://vitagene.com/blog/most-popular-2019-new-years-resolution/

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