Sagicor Life Insurance Company Changes the Way You Get Insured! SagicorNow launches with an innovative new way to purchase life insurance online in minutes.

August 17, 2017

Sagicor Life Insurance Company (Sagicor) is excited to announce the launch of SagicorNow [1], a digital platform that takes the online purchase of life insurance to a new level. SagicorNow offers an industry-leading and fully online experience, removing the perceived pain points of life insurance purchases: price, availability, and ease.

With SagicorNow, there are “no agents, no medical exams [2], and, most importantly, no waiting.’ Within seconds, a customer can get a quote; within twenty minutes or less, they can get coverage up to $500,000 on term life or $250,000 on whole life insurance. Customers get all of this with fast and convenient access to an online service that is available when they are, day or night. And, should help be needed, Sagicor agents are available to provide support.

“Today, we rely on digital platforms more than ever and life insurance needs to keep pace with our lifestyles,” said Bart Catmull, President & Chief Operating Officer. “We recognize life insurance is not a ‘fun’ topic and for years the processes to buy have been cumbersome and confusing. We wanted to change all of that. To create something that is simple and clear, with no pressure, no poking or prodding, and no waiting for days, weeks, or months to see if you qualify and at what price. Protecting your loved ones is imperative to you, and it is the highest priority for us."

Get a quote by answering five simple questions. That's it! From there, the amount of coverage wanted can be adjusted to see the impact on the price. Once the type of product and the amount of coverage have been selected, a series of qualification questions are answered and a decision on coverage is provided within minutes. Once approved, the policy can be purchased online, using direct withdrawal from a bank account or credit card, allowing flexible payment options and immediate life insurance coverage.

"In some instances, $250,000 of term life insurance is as low as $12 per month," said Mr. Catmull. “So, not only is the way you get insured simple and easy, but the products are affordable."

Of course, SagicorNow is not the only way to get life insurance from Sagicor. The company provides a number of affordable life and annuity products to individuals and families through a network of local life insurance agents and insurance partners. No matter the method used to obtain the coverage, the price will always be the same. SagicorNow is another example of how Sagicor is striving to protect family, friends, and neighbors across the United States.

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[1] Currently available in Arizona, Florida, and Texas.
[2] Issuance of this policy may depend on answers to health questions set forth in the application process.

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