Ways to Pay Your Premium

How to Make Motor, Home and General Insurance Payments during COVID-19

  • SurePay Online
  • Premium payments can be made via commercial banks’ online banking portals or applications utilizing third party (other bank) transfers in the name of Sagicor General Insurance Inc at any:
  • CIBC First Caribbean International Bank
    • Swift Code: FCIBBBBB
    • Branch Transit No.      09606
    • Account No. 62812312
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
  • Scotia Bank.

In the memo line please be sure to place your policy number.

How to Make Life, Health and Mortgage Payments during COVID-19

Account Name:      Sagicor Life Inc.
Cecil F. De Caires Building, St. Michael, Barbados
Bank Name:            First Citizens Bank (Barbados) Limited
Bridgetown, Barbados
Branch Name:        Bridgetown
Account Number:   50000032263
Swift Code:            FCTTBBBB

To ensure your payments are accurately applied, you are also required to do the following:

  • Payment confirmation must be emailed to [email protected]
  • Your email must include: name of Bank in which payment was remitted to, date of payment, your policy number, and the payment amount.
  • In instances where a lump-sum was made for multiple policies, kindly indicate how the payment should be applied to each policy.