Sagicor General takes message of Road Safety to Boy Scouts

July 22, 2019

Haggatt Hall, Barbados: Educating children on responsible road use can act as the conduit for reinforcing positive behaviours in adults.
This was the message touted from Sagicor General Insurance’s Gemma Howell as she led a talk entitled “Be Safe on the Roads,” to 83 young males of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association at the Barbados Boy Scouts headquarters in Collymore Rock last week.

The boys, ranging in age from seven to 11, were given a wealth of information related to road safety including information on the road traffic signals as well as reminders of what it takes to be safe on the roads. During the half hour session, they were also informed as to how they could play a role in assisting their parents in being more responsible drivers.

“Children have a unique way of reminding us as adults of what we should and should not do while driving,” Howell said. It is in educating them at this juncture of their lives that we hope to not only help them to influence their parents but that they too will form positive habits that will be sustained into adulthood.”

She added, “As one of the Caribbean’s leading general insurance companies, we have a responsibility to educate our customers and the wider public on road safety and so we will continue our educational thrust in this area.”
The talk formed part of Sagicor General’s donation to the Cub Scouts’ participation in the 15th Caribbean Cuboree which takes place in Jamaica from July 30th to August 5th. Cuborees are special gatherings of Cub Scouts who join Scouts from other jurisdictions for a unique camping experience. The Cuborees assist in the development of youngsters in all areas of their lives.

Cuboree Contingent Leader Andrea Cheltenham in acknowledging the assistance of Sagicor General, also endorsed the importance of education in building positive road safety habits. 

“The Barbados Cuboree Contingent is very appreciative of Sagicor General for not only sponsoring the shirts for the boys but also taking time to have a dialogue with the boys on the importance of positive road safety habits,” she said.  “Educating our children about road safety is something that we cannot neglect. This is especially important in these times when persons are so engaged with their mobile devices that they become oblivious to what is happening around them. This conversation helps the boys to understand the importance of being alert not only as pedestrians but also as passengers in any vehicle.  It helps them to understand that they can be the gentle reminding voice that may perhaps save a life.”

Boy Scouts

Sagicor General’s Gemma Howell (at front) conducting a talk on Road Safety to members of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association.