Sagicor Life Inc Barbados Clients Answer the HCC Call

August 13, 2018
Sagicor Life Inc, a major partner of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC), demonstrated its support for the organisation’s Childhood Obesity Call-to-Action by encouraging it clients to get involved. The HCC is calling on Caribbean people at home and in the diaspora to lend their support to a movement for change. The organisation is spearheading a call-to-action which lobbies CARICOM Heads of Government to make tangible changes to legislation. These changes in legislation can help protect the region’s children against unhealthy foods and slow the epidemic of childhood obesity.
Clients of Sagicor Life Inc were given the opportunity to sign the call-to-action when they visited the company’s Customer Service office. HCC Volunteers were able to collect over 500 signatures from concerned Sagicor clients who want to see a healthier future for our children.
Staff and Senior Management of Sagicor are also on board with the initiative explained Carolyn Shepherd, Assistant Vice President, Marketing. “We launched the initiative to our staff and saw an immediate increase in the numbers of persons who signed the call-to-action locally. Our Executive Vice President and General Manager of Barbados, Mr. Edward Clarke, is leading the charge and was one of the first in our company to sign.”
“At Sagicor, we understand the impact which unhealthy habits can have on the population and therefore, an initiative like this which directly addresses the health of our children is vital. Our company is committed to improving the lives of the people in the countries we operate and we wanted to give our clients an opportunity to make their contribution.”  
Maisha Hutton, Executive Director of the HCC, expressed her gratitude to the insurance company. “Sagicor was the first business to provide our volunteers with the opportunity to engage directly with hundreds of Barbadians. As a result, we were able to garner significant public support and signatures for our Childhood Obesity Prevention Call to Action.
Sagicor continues to be a powerful example of the impact of strong Corporate-Civil Society partnerships.”
The call-to-action currently has over 11,000 signatures. Supporters may visit to add their signature to the call-to-action. 


Sagicor Barbados Clients Answer the Call 
Mr. Edward Clarke, Executive Vice President and General Manager - Barbados Operations, preparing to add his name to the list of persons calling for action to help stop childhood obesity.