Secure your family's future while saving towards your goals

February 17, 2020

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados From as early as we can remember, we’ve been taught to save. As we’ve grown older, we’ve been advised to save towards our goals, to plan for our retirement and to put measures in place to protect our family’s future.

Well, thanks to Sagicor Life Inc., there’s one product that allows you to do all three.

The Sagicor Saver Series is a set of endowment policies that provides you with the flexibility of saving for any purpose, relative to your personal needs at various stages of your life. Individuals can contribute to the policy for one of three predetermined time periods (15, 20, or 25 years), or until they’ve reached the age of 60, 65 or 70.

Whether you’re a parent looking to save for your child’s education or give them a financial head start; a young adult or newlywed committed to achieving specific goals, such as purchasing a home or investing in a business idea; or simply looking to save a specified amount of money for use during your retirement, the Saver Series provides the flexibility you need.

The policy provides life insurance coverage for a chosen period, along with a lump sum payment to living policy owners at maturity. In the event the life insured dies during the term of the policy, the Sum Assured will be paid to the beneficiary or estate.

Gay Griffith, Sagicor’s Vice President - Barbados Sales, said that the Saver Series provides policy owners with several avenues through which their financial future can be secured.

“At the maturity of the policy, the lump sum cash payment is paid out in full and can be utilised by the policy owner for any purpose, such as settling debts, supplementing other retirement income, or providing financial support to family members. Additionally, the Saver Series Product accumulates guaranteed cash values, where loans can be facilitated for your emergency cash needs. The policy can also be used for collateral purposes during the policy’s term”, he explained.

The Sagicor Saver Series is beneficial to a very wide market and Griffith encourages persons to meet with a Sagicor advisor to determine which of the products best suits their needs.