Is your pharmacy wait time too long? This may be the reason.

Posted February 28, 2020

Have you ever handed in your prescription at your local pharmacy and waited what seemed like forever to get your medication?

Watch Sagicor Life's recent interview on Smile Jamaica then read more below on clear and complete prescriptions.


This may be your pharmacist trying their best to decode your doctor’s handwriting or searching for their contact information to call them and verify what is written on your prescription.  Waiting, however, is a small price to pay once your doctor is contacted and your prescription is now understood by the pharmacist. Incorrect and unclear prescriptions can cause several implications.

Sagicor Life is therefore urging you to have a talk with your doctor when they are writing your prescription to ensure it is CLEAR, CORRECT AND COMPLETE. Take note of the medication/s being prescribed, the dosage and share all allergies.

Most importantly review the prescription to ensure that The Doctor’s Name, Doctor’s Registration Number, Contact Number, and Signature are present. Below is an example of a complete prescription.

Remember your heath is your responsibility. Make sure your prescriptions are CLEAR, CORRECT AND COMPLETE. If you can’t read it, how will your Pharmacist?