Sagicor Life Assures Clients Of Covid-19 Coverage

March 19, 2020

Kingston, Jamaica: Sagicor Life Jamaica is assuring the public that members who contract the coronavirus (COVID-19) can access coverage under their Sagicor Health Plan for doctor office visits, prescription drugs and medications related to the disease.

Clients with Group Life benefits are also being assured that if a covered team member dies as a result of contracting COVID-19, the relevant sum insured would be payable, once all the standard conditions of coverage are met.

Willard Brown, Executive Vice President, Sagicor Life Jamaica, noted that the company remains responsive to the needs of its clients and the welfare of the community it serves as the society grapples with the impacts of the pandemic.

“We want clients to be assured that their benefits remain intact, as there are no restrictions related to coverage during a pandemic. If you must be quarantined but show symptoms that require medical attention, your treatment will be covered,” he said.

Any limit or maximum associated with a client’s health plan will remain applicable.

Persons who have Temporary Total Disability or Loss of Income coverage that includes payment for conditions that result from an illness, may also access benefits for time lost from work due to a COVID-19 diagnosis once all the other requirements are met.

Where a company closes its offices as a precautionary measure against spreading the virus, but nobody is displaying symptoms or has received a diagnosis, no benefits are payable for any resulting loss of income to individual employees. If a diagnosis has been confirmed, benefits may be payable from that point through to recovery, in line with the Benefit Schedule.