e-Activate and PIN Credit Cards

Welcome to the New Era of Credit Card Security. Your Sagicor Bank Contactless, Chip and PIN Credit Card you will provide more convenience and security. Click here to e-Activate and PIN your card.

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Whether you're looking for a low-interest rate, cash back or exclusive privileges, the choice is all yours!

Visa Classic

Sagicor Bank Visa Classic Credit Card is internationally-accepted, giving you the freedom to make your everyday shopping at home, online and abroad.

Visa Platinum

Sagicor Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card is a luxury card that is designed with a higher credit limit to give you a greater spending power. This prestigious card is denominated in United States Dollar (US$) and is the top-of-the-line choice for clients who demand more out of life.

Mastercard Standard

Enjoy the experience of making your everyday purchases rewarding with a Sagicor Bank Mastercard Standard Credit Card. Choose to empower yourself with the financial convenience of purchasing the things you need with a Low Interest Rate and Rewards that earn you money!

Mastercard Gold

Your Sagicor Bank Mastercard Gold Credit Card is designed to support and enhance your everyday spending needs by giving you the financial freedom you deserve. Reward yourself with the card that gives you more and enjoy the superior purchasing power that gives you access to valuable benefits.

Mastercard Platinum

Your Sagicor Bank Mastercard Platinum Credit Card gives you exclusive benefits and access that supports your lifestyle. This credit card is designed to reward you every time you spend.

Credit Card Rewards

Sagicor Rewards is an exciting rewards programme that allows Sagicor Bank Credit Cardholders to enjoy the #BestRewardsEver in a heartbeat.

Fee Guides and More...

See our Mastercard and Visa fee guides and our credit card and rewards terms and conditions.