What is Sagicor Engage?

Sagicor Engage is an exclusive benefit available to Sagicor health insurance members. It is a free interactive mobile app that will help you manage life events based around: health, wealth and peace of mind. Earn points by completing tasks and lessons. These points allows you to win prizes and discounts.

Why is Sagicor offering me this free rewards program?
Keeping you happy and healthy is as important to us as it is to you. Have you ever had a moment in your life where you thought, “I should know how to handle this, but I don’t even know where to start?!” We've got you. As a group insurance client; reap the benefits of Sagicor Engage as we work towards the common goal of keeping you healthy; mentally, physically and emotionally.

Sagicor Engage was designed to help you navigate life’s twists and turns and to reward you for your journey. It will help you answer questions about how to handle money, how to stay healthy, how to feel fulfilled—the list can seem never-ending.

Features Includes:
- Personalized Avatar
- Rewards program
- Financial wellness quizzes
- Wellness Challenges


How to get Access

Once your company is onboarded it only takes an email address and a password to activate your Sagicor Engage account. Click here to get access.

You will receive a  notification contains your unique account link. Check your text messages from Sagicor, or check your email inbox for an invitation from [email protected]

To access your Rewards Account. Click on the "Get my rewards." button in the app and you'll be prompted with the steps to activate.
Can’t find the email with your activation link? No problem. Request a new link by sending an email to [email protected].
One you've registered, get creative and design your personal character. Your character progresses with you on Sagicor Engage through everything you'll learn about money, your health, and your emotional well-being. Make the character look just like you, or show us your alter-ego. Most importantly, have fun!

After you create a character, you'll be prompted to answer a few quick questions to personalize your account. This helps us recommend classes to get you started, but you can explore the entire library, because you're ready to roll at this point.
Don't forget to check out the rewards page too.



Download the App Today!

We encourage you to sign up for the platform, where you can begin to manage your health and wellness goals.


Workout with Sagicor's Wellness Ambassador


No. Sagicor Engage is free. There is no expense to you for the rewards program at any time. Only opportunities to win cash reward drawings or redeem your points for discounts.

Your insurance provider, Sagicor, is sponsoring the Sagicor Engage rewards program and inviting its group insurance client’s, including you, to participate. Your participation in the rewards program is not mandatory and is not connected to your eligibility for insurance coverage.


Ask Eva. She's our resident expert on all things Sagicor Engage. Once you sign up, Eva will be your guide to Sagicor Engage. Email your question to Eva at [email protected]. It's her mission to help you get started.