The Sagicor Fixed Income Fund is a group of open-ended mutual funds where you can contribute your money to become a Unit-holder. These funds are designed to simplify the investment process for investors by offering a professionally designed and selected mix of funds.

This Portfolio invests mainly in corporate and sovereign debt securities, and is suitable for investors who would have a moderate investment style. These investors would have a medium to long term horizon with limited liquidity needs in the first year. This fund invests mainly in sovereign securities and corporate bonds with average portfolio maturity ranging 4 to 10 years.

The Sagicor TT$ Fixed Income Fund will, under normal conditions, invest at least 80% of its net assets in Debt Obligations, Bonds, Debentures, and Treasury Bills issued by Sovereign States and their Municipalities, Corporate Bonds, Guaranteed Commercial Paper and other obligations (including mortgage and asset backed securities) and high income funds.

The Sagicor TT$ Fixed Income Fund family of mutual funds are managed by our professional investment managers.


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