Sagicor Investment Management Account (SIMA)

What is a SIMA Account?

Maximize your investments with Sagicor Investment Management Account (SIMA). SIMA combines brokerage, money market and custody accounts to give you a complete investment portfolio. This account allows you to buy and sell securities such as; stocks, bonds and commodities, while earning on your money market balances.

Benefits of a SIMA Account

A Sagicor Investment Management Account arrangement is ideal for individuals or corporates looking for higher yields than traditional bank deposits but do not have the time to manage their own funds.

  • Facilitates all investment transactions
  • View all your investments online
  • Performance reports and transaction history

Ready to Open a SIMA Account?

Sagicor gives you a choice of 3 types of SIMA accounts. If you are an individual, complete the Individual SIMA Account Form. If you are a group of individuals, you can use the Joint SIMA Account Form. If you are business, complete the Business SIMA Account Form.

Need More Information?

For more information or if you have further questions, please speak with a Personal Financial Advisor at your nearest branch or call 800-SAGE (7243).