Preparing For Winter

BY Sagicor Life Posted November 22, 2019 In Sagicor Life USA Tips

Fall is a beautiful season. It’s a wonderful time when leaves turn a multitude of colors, and the air is crisp with just a hint of the cold that is soon to follow. Thanksgiving is in the fall — a day for us to  celebrate the harvest and all the things that make us thankful. 

Fall is also a time to prepare. Vibrant, green leaves turn colors before they die, and eventually drop to the ground, as trees conserve nutrients for the long winter ahead. Animals gather and store food or fatten themselves up for hibernation, while grass and other plants become dormant — all in an effort to survive. Nature employs a number of ways to prepare for the hard times that are coming, so that the plants and animals can grow and thrive again in the spring.

The changing of the seasons is inevitable, and a good reminder that we, too, should prepare. The end of our life is also inevitable, whether it comes unexpectedly or after a long, and well-lived adventure. It is wise to take a lesson from Mother Nature and prepare, so that our loved ones can continue to grow and thrive after our passing.

Be Prepared for the Expected and Unexpected

Final expense insurance is the not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of life insurance. Most people are not eager to contemplate end-of-life concerns, let alone plan for them. As uncomfortable as the topic might be, it is important to consider the factors that could come into play when that time inevitably comes.
Funerals and memorial services are expensive. Even a simple, low-key affair is going to cost a couple of thousand dollars, and your loved ones could easily end up spending over $10,000 when all the expenses are added up. Plus, most of the goods and services associated with funerals and memorials require payment at the time the service is rendered. You may be leaving a substantial estate, but it could take time for those assets to become available. As a result, immediate funeral expenses would be coming out of your loved ones’ pockets. 

Rest Assured with Peace Assured

Peace Assured final expense whole life insurance can help cover these costs and other immediate expenses, so that your family doesn’t have to. They will have enough to worry about without the added financial stress of scrambling to cash in assets, take out loans, or borrow against savings accounts. 

Plants and animals instinctively know to prepare for the hard times that inexorably come — it is in their nature. Protecting and providing for our loved ones is in our nature. Prepare for the financial impact of your passing with Peace Assured final expense insurance, and give them some peace of mind during a most difficult time. 


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*Approval of your application may depend on the answers to the health questions set forth in the application process.  

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