Product Overview

Sage Secure FIA can help you diversify the assets in your retirement portfolio, so it can meet your needs in both up and down markets. You have the opportunity to earn interest based on your selection of interest crediting strategies, including options linked to iShares® ETFs from BlackRock and the S&P 500® Index, with a choice of a 5-, 7- or 10-year surrender charge schedule.

Best of all, your money is protected. You will never earn less than 0.00% interest, even during market downturns. That’s why Sage Secure FIA is so appealing — your principal and previously-credited interest are protected.

Features & Benefits

With Sage Secure FIA, your principal can potentially grow with your choice of interest crediting strategies that let you lock in any annual gains at the end of each contract year. Plus, you can benefit from compound interest and tax deferral since you only pay taxes when you begin taking payments.

Sage Secure FIA offers:

  • You’re guaranteed to never earn less than 0.00%, even during market downturns.

  • Sage Secure FIA has no front-end charges or annual fees that can reduce your account value.

  • Select an option that works best for you — payments of a fixed dollar amount, payments for a fixed period of time or payments guaranteed for life.

  • Choose from interest crediting strategies or a guaranteed rate. You can adjust your allocations each year as your goals change.

  • If you ever need access to your money, you can access it through withdrawals.1 Beginning in the second contract year, you can withdraw up to 10.00% of your contract value each year without a surrender charge.

  • There are never any surrender charges if you qualify for the Nursing Home Facility or Confined Care Facility Confinement, or Terminal Illness waivers.2


1Withdrawals prior to age 59½ are subject to ordinary income taxation and may be subject to tax penalties.
2Not long-term care insurance. Please see the contract to review qualification specifications.

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